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The Association of Shipping Agents of Attica-Piraeus was established in 1986 entirely by professional shipping agents. Its aim is to keep our colleagues united, to promote our profession and to face the serious dysfunctions that all the bodies used to face at the ports of the prefecture of Attica-Piraeus.

The duty of a Shipping Agent is to protect and claim the legal and foreseen interests of each client (Shipowner, Manager, Charterer etc). A duty which is not at all easy due to the multiple Authorities that are responsible for the provision of any kind of service to the ship. Thus, the idea for the establishment of the Association was quite simple and essential. Mr. Alogakos Georgios was the person who thought of the establishment of the Association in the first place. Mr. Alogakos was a former chairman of the Association and he is also the Association’s Honorary Chairman. He is a distinguished man that participated in all the activities of our domain for the past 30 years. He managed, along with the 21 first Shipping Agents, to keep all our colleagues united, showing them the way to claim their professional rights against the numerous problems, logical or not, that arose in all the ports of Attica.

That was the idea and primary goal of our Association. The work of the Association can now be judged by the result, which is very important and decisive. The Association has been building relationships of cooperation with all the competent bodies and has supported the colleagues’ unity and cooperation. Its important members have played a significant role all these years, fulfilling this mission, with lots of enthusiasm and love for their profession. Our Association addresses all the Shipping Agents. All those who embrace the aforementioned causes and wish for a better future for our profession can become members.

Establishment of the Association of Shipping Agents of Attica-Piraeus


Chairman: Papakis Christos

1986 - 1992

Chairman: Alogakos Georgios

1992 - 2003

Chairman: Triantafyllos Panagiotis

2003 - 2005

Chairman: Adamopoulos Constantinos

2005 - 2012

Chairman: Karakalas Apollon

2012 - present


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    185 38, Πειραιάς - Αττική
  •   210 4224651
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